Thursday, March 6, 2008

No need to install software in your PC to DOWNLOAD SONGS from internet.
LOUDFUSION is your solution!!!

LOUDFUSION is a free social networking site that lets you interact with new people and build playlists to share with all your friends. You get all the cool features of any other social networking site mixed with the ability to build play lists and slide show to share online.

Here you will be able to meet new people, interact with people that share the same taste in music and online activities as you do and much more. Users get their own unlimited in boxes for sending and receiving messages within the site. You can also stop by our forum where most of the interaction takes place. We make it easy for you to share your taste music, arts and much more by letting you build playlists or slideshows that you can later embed on other websites.

Loudfusion can also be a place for new artists to get some publicity and make some new fans. Build a profile page for yourself and customize it to best represent your style and share your content with other members. You can post your artwork or create music/video playlists to share with your visitors, or you can embed your playlist on other sites.

What can you do as a member?

  1. Discover:
    Browse the site and find new people that shares the same tastes as you.
    Add people to your friends list for keeping them around if you need to contact them.
    Share messages and comments with anyone within the site.
    Keep up with the latest music and news around the net and more...

  2. Build:
    Build audio playlists by adding your own songs or finding available songs on the site.
    Create a playlist of videos that you can share anywhere on the net.
    Build and customize your own profile or blog page here on loudfusion.
    Create a friends list for keeping in touch with close friends and more...

  3. Share:
    Use any available loudfusion widget to share your content on the net.
    Have your content shown on your profile or blog page for all your friends and visitor to see.
    Invite friends over by sending them e-mails from your home page and more...

  4. Customize:
    Change the look of your widget to best display your taste.
    Customize your profile or blog page with images an colors...

  5. Interact:
    Participate in the forum to meet new people or just keep up with the latest activity.
    Send messages to members on the site or post bulletin posts.
    Join our chat rooms for real-time interaction with other members.
    Send IMs to people in your buddy list and more...

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